Bianca DeConciliis Statue, Calvary Cemetery

An update: Note the comment below requesting information on Bianca DeConciliis. Both Father Pitt and his commenter would appreciate the help, which can be left in the form of a comment on this article.

A life-size portrait of a beautiful young woman who died at twenty or twenty-one: she was born in 1921 and died in 1942.


2 thoughts on “Bianca DeConciliis Statue, Calvary Cemetery

  1. Donna Hines

    Beginning as a small child I have been so taken by the beauty of Biancas statue. I took my daughters over the year to see her. Is there any information on this sad beautiful young woman. We would love to know her her history . With respect to her family, is there any information they could share. Thank you


    1. Dr. Boli Post author

      It seems that even the cemetery records know only what you see on the monument:

      Bianca De conciliis
      Date of Birth : Unknown
      Date of Death: 00/00/1942
      Calvary Cemetery
      Section: Y
      Lot: 65
      Space: 5

      That is the entire content of the record for this burial. Father Pitt has updated the article to bring your request for information to the front, hoping that someone from the family might stumble on this page.



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