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The older part is small and near the entrance. A few interesting German monuments.

Schmidt Stump, Birmingham Cemetery

Some rustic stumps are so naturalistic that they are hard to distinguish at a distance from real tree stumps. Others look like they were drawn by Walt Disney in a slightly (but not very) gloomy mood. Those are Father Pitt’s favorites. Here is one of the most Disneyesque rustic stumps old Pa Pitt has ever seen. As anyone who has browsed this site knows, Father Pitt has a bit of a thing for rustic stumps (look in the index under “Stumps”); this one is near the top of his list.

Siebert Monument, Birmingham Cemetery

By far the grandest monument in the cemetery, this one is surmounted by a figure pointing upward, like the traditional representations of Hope, except that there is no anchor. Instead, she holds a stem of lilies. Whatever she represents, she is a fine piece of sculpture, all the more surprising for being the only notable piece of sculpture in the whole cemetery.