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Where the well-to-do of South Hills streetcar suburbs go to rest. A few mausoleums and large monuments, mostly stock designs.

William Slater Mausoleum, Mount Lebanon Cemetery

William Slater has the most elegant, and probably most expensive, mausoleum in the Mount Lebanon Cemetery—hardly surprising, since he was a very successful funeral director. It does not compare with the great  works of architecture in the Allegheny, Homewood, or Union Dale cemeteries, but it is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Christian Wilbert Mausoleum, Mount Lebanon Cemetery

The very rich had their mausoleums designed for them by famous architects. The merely adequately rich ordered their mausoleums from a catalogue. We can say with some confidence that this attractive but undistinguished Romanesque mausoleum is a stock model because it is identical, including the statue, to the Braun mausoleum in the South Side Cemetery.