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A late-1800s cemetery with a few prominent mausoleums and the usual assortment of monument styles.

Tower in Mount Royal Cemetery

No one seems to want to talk much about this striking tower (“striking” in this case is an aesthetically neutral term meaning “you sure do notice it”) in Mount Royal Cemetery. Father Pitt believes it is a communications tower meant to look like a modernist bell tower. At any rate, it is worked into the landscape well, and when the clouds are just right it is possible to get a striking picture.

Charles F. Schwab Mausoleum, Mount Royal Cemetery

This particular Charles F. Schwab died in 1928, according to the inscription on his vault; Hendershaws were added later, and their name inscribed in the blank space on the lintel. This is a simple rustic mausoleum with a Doric front. Its best feature, unfortunately badly damaged, is a stained-glass window of a woman feeding a swan.