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A beautiful site high above the Ohio River, with a few fine mausoleums and some older marble monuments. A large Civil War memorial is near the entrance, and the memorial to the Tuskegee Airmen should not be missed. The roads that lead up to the cemetery are frightening, clinging to the sides of wooded cliffs, but the visit is worthwhile.

Civil War Monument, Sewickley Cemetery

A monument in honor of the men of Sewickley who “sacrificed their lives for the unity of the republic in the War of the Great Rebellion.” This was, according to the cemetery’s site, the first Civil War memorial in Allegheny County, put up just after the war in 1866.


Heck Monument, Sewickley Cemetery

Here is our favorite flower-strewing mourner (see, for example, the Potts monument in the Mount Lebanon Cemetery) in the giant economy size—much larger than she usually is, rendered in granite rather than marble, and with her wrists intact, but recognizably the same character. Is she based on a famous original? Father Pitt would love to hear from someone who knows her story. The Heck family lost a small child in 1896, and that may be about the date of this monument.

McKinney Obelisk, Sewickley Cemetery

A classic marble obelisk in memory of the Rev. David McKinney, who died in 1879. The inscription is still very clear; the epitaph, which was much more shallowly cut, is almost obliterated, but enough remains to recognize it as 1 Corinthians 15:57:

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Joseph W. Craig Mausoleum, Sewickley Cemetery

An unusual classical design from 1899 that depends on textures for its effect: the rusticated but very regular stone contrasts pleasingly with the green tile of the roof and the smooth-cut doorway. The green color of the tile almost perfectly matches the verdigris of the bronze doors; one wonders whether that effect was intended or a happy accident.