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An unusual Jewish park cemetery (most Jewish cemeteries in Pittsburgh are small and crowded), with some fine mausoleums and monuments. It is associated with Rodef Shalom Temple in Shadyside.

Frank-Klee Mausoleum, West View Cemetery

A simple Doric mausoleum with extra space for a large family. The stained glass inside is very good, except that (in Father Pitt’s opinion) the wreath-and-swag decoration rather spoils the effect of the naturalistic forest and stream.

A. J. Sunstein Mausoleum, West View Cemetery

Another Egyptian mausoleum that hits all the expected marks, except that it is too small (or cheap) for lotus columns. This one, however, adds the delightful detail of pharaoh’s-head door pulls, which more than makes up for the missing columns.

Little smiley characters like the one at upper left occasionally appear on mausoleum doors in Pittsburgh cemeteries. It’s a cheerful little mystery.