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Margretha Hoffmann Crucifix, St. John Vianney Parish Cemetery

Here we find an intact example, with all its letters present, of that very same iron crucifix we saw in St. Peter’s Cemetery. The thing has been spray-painted with silver paint, which may actually have helped preserve its parts. Someone has left a little rosary dangling in front of Christ.


Iron Crucifix, St. Adalbert’s Cemetery

We have met a very similar iron crucifix in St. Peter’s Cemetery (Arlington), and it had the same problem: the letters fall off as they rust. Here we have no adjacent monument to give us the name, so Father Pitt has no way to fill in B–D-NS. If anyone familiar with Polish names has a guess, please leave a comment.

Amrhein Cross, St. Peter’s Cemetery (Arlington)

Iron monuments are rare, but in this little German Catholic cemetery this same ornate iron cross occurs twice. it was not a good idea from a genealogical point of view: the letters are separate pieces, and they fall off as bits of the monument rust. Today we can guess the surname “Amrhein” because the cross occurs in a group with a double granite monument, but there is not enough information to fill in the first name or the birth and death dates (18— to 188-).