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The premier address for the deceased of Allegheny City, the Union Dale Cemetery is picturesquely hilly and filled with distinguished monuments and mausoleums.

Wilson Mausoleum, Union Dale Cemetery

This is a particularly splendid Ionic mausoleum. Its richness of texture makes most other classical mausoleums seem half-finished by comparison. It appears to be an exact duplicate of the Fownes mausoleum in the Homewood Cemetery, but with the addition of an extra set of steps in the front to take into account the hillside site.

The bronze doors are cast in an interesting pattern.

“Our Minnie,” Union Dale Cemetery

A touching monument with a sleeping child, who seems to sleep more peacefully as the stone erodes and softens her features. “Our Minnie—not dead but sleeping” stands out clear enough, but Father Pitt is not able to read the rest of the inscription; he has therefore left a very large picture file for you, so that you may try your hand at interpreting it and, if you have any success, leave a comment with your interpretation. You will earn old Pa Pitt’s sincere gratitude.

Clark Stump, Union Dale Cemetery

“Rustic” tree stumps in stone are a surprisingly popular form of monument. Sometimes they carry the name of a deceased family member on the stump of each sawed-off branch, an obvious symbolism that old Pa Pit thinks verges on the tasteless. The Clark monument is an interesting variation on the idea, with its ivy vine and owl adding to the romantic country atmosphere.

Shanor Column, Union Dale Cemetery

The more one looks at this column, the odder it seems. One can only describe the style as “Egyptian Gothic.” The main column has an Egyptian capital, as do the smaller columns at the corners of the base; but the form of the base is Victorian Classical-Gothic. The statue on top holds the rope of Hope’s anchor in her left hand; she also holds something in her right hand, but Father Pitt has not been able to figure out what it is.