Duncan Mausoleum and Column, Union Dale Cemetery

“Huge” is probably the best single word to describe this construction. The mausoleum itself is massive, and it supports a towering column with a larger-than-life statue of a recording angel by Henry Jackson Ellicott at the top. If you were considering any sort of misbehavior in this section of the Union Dale Cemetery, remember that the guardian of the Duncans is taking notes.

The structure was designed by the noted architect Theophilus P. Chandler. Chandler was the Thaw family’s favorite architect, and he designed two of Pittsburgh’s prominent churches: First Presbyterian downtown and Third Presbyterian in Shadyside.

The pictures in this article have been donated to Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication, so no permission is needed to use them for any purpose whatsoever.


2 thoughts on “Duncan Mausoleum and Column, Union Dale Cemetery

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